Meeting notices


The Berkshire Family History Society have moved from Yeomanry House and are now situated in Reading Central Library, second floor, which is the same floor as the local studies collection.  The telephone number remains the same:  0118  950  9553.  Opening hours to visitors initially will be:

Tuesdays, 10.30 to 16.00 and 19.00 to 21.00

Wednesdays and Saturdays 10.30 to 16.00

and the last Thursday in the month, 10.30 to 16.00.

24 February until 26 January 2019.  Reading Museum and Art Gallery.  New exhibition, “Patrons and Donors: Reading’s Art Collection and How it Got There.”  Admission free.

11 April (Wednesday).  Talk: “Southcote Manor, its History and Significance during the English Civil War,” by Mike Cooper.  Central Library, second floor, 2 p.m.  Organised by the Berkshire Family History Society.  Admission £5, £4 to members of the Society.

13 April (Friday).  Talk: “A Place Strongly Fortified: the Civil War Siege of Reading,” by Simon Marsh.  St. Laurence’s Church, 7.30 p.m.  Organised by the Friends of Reading Abbey.

16 April (Monday).  Coffee morning with talk, “Smith’s Coaches of Reading, 1922-1979,” by Paul Lacey.  Central Library 11 a.m. until 12 noon.



AMOS, Katie.  Curtain Up – the Story of the Arts in Reading.  £2, available from Reading Central Library.  [February 2018]

AMOS, Katie.  The Mansion House: its History and its Occupants.  Scallop Shell Press, £10.  Available from the local studies section, Reading Central Library.  [September 2017]

BARNES-PHILLIPS, Daphne.  Long May our Lion Roar: 140 Years of Kendrick School.  £15.95.  Available from the author, or from Waterstone’s [September 2017]

Berkshire Old and New. 2017.  [The journal of the Berkshire Local History Association.  Contains an article on Philbrick’s tannery, Reading, by Evelyn Williams]  £3, available from the Berkshire Record Office, or from David Cliffe at meetings.  [October 2017]

BRUGGE, Roger, and BURT, Stephen.  One Hundred Years of Reading Weather.  University of Reading, Department of Meteorology, 2015.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [March 2017]

BUCKLEY, ANGELA.  Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders.  Manor Vale Associates, £3.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

CLIFFE, David.  Picture Palace to Penny Plunge: Reading’s Cinemas.  Two Rivers Press, for the History of Reading Society, £12.  Available from the author at meetings of the society, or from Waterstone’s, and W. H. Smith’s. [September 2017]

COX, David.  A Brief History of Shinfield and St. Mary’s.  50p from St. Mary’s Church. Shinfield.  [December 2017]

HALSTEAD, Jenny, and FULFORD, Mike.  Silchester: Life on the Dig.  Two Rivers Press, £14.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [April 2017]

HAQ, Vera.  A Reading Girl in Hindostan.  Published in Lahore.  The author’s maiden name was Vera Lillian Doreen Deal.  Reference copy in the local studies collection, Reading Central Library. [October 2017]

HYLTON, Stuart.  Reading in 50 Buildings.  Amberley Publishing, £14.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [October 2017]

JAMES, Laurie and WHITEHEAD, John.  Kemp’s and Chiltern Queens.  Venture Publications, £35.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

LACEY, Paul.  Smith’s Coaches of Reading, 1922-1979.  Venture Publications, £30.  [February 2018]

LAWSON, Adrian and SAWERS, Geoff.  The Shady Side of Town: Reading’s Trees.  Two Rivers Press, 2017.  [April 2017]

MACKAY, Duncan.  Reading: the Place of the People of the Red One.  Two Rivers Press, £8.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

MACKAY, Duncan.  Whispers of Better Things: Green Belts to National Trust.  Two Rivers Press, £12.00.  (the Hill family, including Arthur Hill, and Reading benefactor, and Octavia, founder of the National Trust)  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [December 2017]

MULLANEY, Lindsay.  Francois Longuet and the Reading Mission.  Scallop Shell Press, £8.  [March 2017]

TITFORD, ROGER.  The Lost Years of Reading Football Club.  £20, from the Reading Football Club Mega Store.  [March 2017]

WOOD, Dennis.  Views from the Hill: The Story of Whitley.  Scallop Shell Press, £18.  [November 2018]