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AMOS, Katie.  The Mansion House: its History and its Occupants.  Scallop Shell Press, £10.  Available from the local studies section, Reading Central Library.  [September 2017]

BARNES-PHILLIPS, Daphne.  Long May our Lion Roar: 140 Years of Kendrick School.  £15.95.  Available from the author, or from Waterstone’s [September 2017]

Berkshire Old and New. 2017.  [The journal of the Berkshire Local History Association.  Contains an article on Philbrick’s tannery, Reading, by Evelyn Williams]  £3, available from the Berkshire Record Office, or from David Cliffe at meetings.  [October 2017]

BRUGGE, Roger, and BURT, Stephen.  One Hundred Years of Reading Weather.  University of Reading, Department of Meteorology, 2015.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [March 2017]

BUCKLEY, ANGELA.  Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders.  Manor Vale Associates, £3.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

CLIFFE, David.  Picture Palace to Penny Plunge: Reading’s Cinemas.  Two Rivers Press, for the History of Reading Society, £12.  Available from the author at meetings of the society, or from Waterstone’s, and W. H. Smith’s. [September 2017]

HALSTEAD, Jenny, and FULFORD, Mike.  Silchester: Life on the Dig.  Two Rivers Press, £14.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [April 2017]

HAQ, Vera.  A Reading Girl in Hindostan.  Published in Lahore.  The author’s maiden name was Vera Lillian Doreen Deal.  Reference copy in the local studies collection, Reading Central Library. [October 2017]

HYLTON, Stuart.  Reading in 50 Buildings.  Amberley Publishing, £14.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [October 2017]

JAMES, Laurie and WHITEHEAD, John.  Kemp’s and Chiltern Queens.  Venture Publications, £35.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

LAWSON, Adrian and SAWERS, Geoff.  The Shady Side of Town: Reading’s Trees.  Two Rivers Press, 2017.  [April 2017]

MACKAY, Duncan.  Reading: the Place of the People of the Red One.  Two Rivers Press, £8.99.  Available from Waterstone’s, Reading.  [September 2017]

MULLANEY, Lindsay.  Francois Longuet and the Reading Mission.  Scallop Shell Press, £8.  [March 2017]

TITFORD, ROGER.  The Lost Years of Reading Football Club.  £20, from the Reading Football Club Mega Store.  [March 2017]

WOOD, Dennis.  Views from the Hill: The Story of Whitley.  Scallop Shell Press, £18.  [November 2018]